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Video: Customized Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner with Elevator

Customized Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner with Elevator

This an 100 litres single tank industrial ultrasonic cleaner with elevator, it is customized with digital control board, timer, heater and degassing functions. From this video, you’ll see how does an ultrasonic cleaner work.

This machine is mainly for industrial cleaning in factory, and also for commercial use.This ultrasonic bath can work for long time, as long as 24 hours a day continously. So, it is suitable for massing cleaning work.

Firstly, you’ll see a cleaning basket which is lifted by an elevator, the basket can be moved from the holder, and it can go down when ultrasonic cleaner in work and go up automatically when cleaning work is finished.

Then,look at the digital control board, you’ll see heater button, ultrasonic button, degassing button. You may preset the heating temperature by plus/minus button from 0-80 degree as you want,then just press the heater button, the heater works. For the ultrasonic button, you may preset the working time from 1-99 minutes by plus/minus button. Meanwhile,
if you want us the degassing function, just press the button.

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