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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tips

What is Simulative Duel Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner?

  There are many buyers who are looking for the duel frequency ultrasonic cleaner of 28/40KHz or 40/68KHz, but be careful, please make sure if you need a genuine dual frequency or simulative dual frequency. If you do not make sure for this, the sellers generally won’t tell you about this.

  Buyers can surely understand what the dual frequency is, but would be confused about what the simulative dual frequency is. It is easy to understand, you can just be noted that simulative dual frequency is the fake dual frequency. The duel frequency ultrasonic cleaners use the dual frequency transducers, the question is whether the tranducers themselves comes with dual frequncy or not.

  There is actually only 1 frequency of transducers for the simulative dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner, but the manufacturer make some changes for the circuit board, modifying program and changing the ultrasonic power output for example, to show an another similar frequency. Take a single frequency of 40KHz ultrasonic bath for example, it actually can not be changed to 28KHz or other, but through modifying program and changing the ultrasonic power output, it can be made just like 28KHz frequency, but the 28KHz frequency is not real one, the real frequency is still 40KHz. So it called simulative daul frequency ultrasonic cleaner.

  Now, you would understand the real cleaning effect of a simulatve dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner. Before purchasing, you should know how to distinguish genuine and fake dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner. If you still can not make sure, confirm with the seller of ultrasonic cleaners again, the sellers would give you real answers if you confirmed.

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