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Ultrasonic Filter Cleaner with Stainless Steel Cleaning Bath

Ultrasonic Filter Cleaner with Stainless Steel Cleaning Bath
Ultrasonic Filter Cleaner with Stainless Steel Cleaning Bath

People may use the ultrasonic filter cleaner to cleaning various filters. No matter industrial equipment or household appliances, they may contain the filters. And we may need to remove the dust and contamination on it. Because of the irregular structure, the oil filter cleaning works are not so easy. But an industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner can make the cleaning works easy and fast.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, the ultrasonic filter cleaning bath is tough and durable. The users can even clean a batch of filters at a time by this machine. So far as we can see, it is one of the best ultrasonic filter cleaning machines.

How Does the Ultrasonic Filter Cleaner Work?

The ultrasonic cleaning principle is a process of cavitation. The ultrasonic waves can form a large number of microscopic bubbles. During the process, more and more bubbles gathering in the ultrasonic cleaning bath. And then the bubbles implode and form a strong impact force on the surface of the filters. Since the bubbles can penetrate all small meshes, so it can clean the surfaces and crevices.

But in fact, using the proper cleaning solutions is very important. Because it can help to remove the dirt and contaminants. We recommend the water-based solutions so that it won’t hurt the filters yet get a good effect. If possible, using an industrial ultrasonic cleaner filtration system is just much better.

Ultrasonic Filter Cleaning Machine
The outlook of the ultrasonic filter cleaning machine

Features Description:

  • High-grade stainless steel structure both for housing and cleaning bath.
  • Industrial Grade Transducer creates strong ultrasonic vibrating mechanical energy.
  • Professional mesh cleaning basket makes cleaning effective and easy.
  • Drains with flow control valve for easy cleaning and rinsing

Benefits of Ultrasonic Filter Cleaning

In general, ultrasonic cleaning can remove rust, carbons, metal shavings, and petrochemicals. And also oil and grease, varnishes and paints. So, it can help to remove most of the contaminants on the filter efficiently. And even clean cracks and crevices that are difficult to reach with man hand. Besides, such an ultrasonic filter cleaning equipment does not use harsh chemical solvents.

Ultrasonic cleaning is available for any filters that come with hard surfaces. So, it can be widely used for cleaning the filters of air conditions and kitchen appliances.

Ultrasonic Filter Cleaning examples
Ultrasonic cleaning can effectively remove the dirt on the filters

How to Choose A Proper Ultrasonic Filter Cleaning Bath?

We can custom make various ultrasonic bath specifications according to the requirements. Making a proper volume of the cleaning bath is very important. Check the sizes of the filters first, so that it can hold the filters well. We have the most common sizes as below for choices:

ModelVolumeSonic PowerHeating PowerTank Size (MM)
K102488L1200W 4000W 550x400x400
K1030100L 1500W 4000W 600x450x400
K1036150L 1800W 6000W 600x500x500
K1042175L 2100W 6000W 700x500x500
K1048200L 2400W 6000W 800x500x500
K1060240L 3000W 9000W 800x600x500
K1072300L 3600W 9000W 1000x600x500
K1120500L 6000W 12000W1200x700x600

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