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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tips

Ultrasonic Cleaner is A Preferred Choice for Industrial Cleaning

10L Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

10 Litres Digital Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Ultrasonic cleaning is today considered to be the most modern and efficient method in precision cleaning processes both in commercial and industrial cleaning areas. We have seen more and more ultrasonic cleaners were used around us, such as glasses store, jewelry store, clinics, school laboratory, and also factory workshop.

  The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning are really obvious, the ultrasonic waves which is generated from transducers has the ability to reach all inaccessible corners or ducts of the object to be cleaned. This is makes the ultrasonic cleaner clean the items which can not be cleaned by other ways.

  Apart from cleaning effect, the speed of execution, the use of low temperature and low quantity of chemical detergent, the absence of intervention during the cleaning process, making the ultrasonic cleaner possible to make a very quick return on its investment compared to the cost of labor. Duration of a cleaning between 5 and 20 minutes depending on the condition of the parts.

  For industrial metal parts, tooling parts, an industrial ultrasonic cleaner is surely a preferred choice.

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