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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tips

Some Warnings on Using An Ultrasonic Cleaner

When you purchased an ultrasonic cleaner, you would be anxious to use it at once. But remember, for safety and cleaning efficiency, there are some tips you should pay attention to.

1. Never turn on the ultrasonic cleaner without water in the cleaning tank. Water is essential for cleaning items.

2. Never place parts or receptacles directly on the bottom of ultrasonic cleaning tank. This could damage the ultrasonic cleaner as the parts would reflect ultrasonic energy to the transducer. Always allow at least 1 inch between the bottom of the tank and the vessel or receptacle for adequate cavitation. Keep the solution 1 inch above the unit when the vase or tray is in place .

3. If you use the tray or basket to reduce the parts of the solution, it is better to use an open support , either a mesh basket or a tray, sufficiently perforated for drainage. It also allows free accesswaves of sound to the parties .

4. Regularly renew the cleaning solution to increase ultrasonic cleaning effect. Solutions, like most chemical components, become “out of date” after a while. Solutions may be contaminated by suspended soil particles, which can settle in the bottom tank and prevent ultrasonic activity .

5. Wait 5 to 10 minutes after starting the equipment to aerate the solution so that the gas escapes. This operation will not be repeated for future use.

6. Never use solvents. It is neither safe nor responsible for the environment. Solvents vaporize quickly and can accumulate under the bottom where ignition is from electrical components. Of course, mineral acids and bleach can damage the cleaning tank.

The ultrasonic bath is made of 304 stainless steel, it has the function of anti-corrosion to some extent. But this is not to say it can hold the strong acid. It is easy to use, but still it requires some warnings on using.

Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Bath

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