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Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications

How does An Ultrasonic Cleaner Help to Remove Dirt

  An ultrasonic cleaner is a machine where ultrasonic cleaning works, and ultrasonic cleaning usually works by using the energy released from the collapse of millions of microscopic cavities near the surface to be cleaned. Bubbles caused by collapsing cavities (small bubbles) forming tiny splashes are directed at the surface to be cleaned.

100L Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

100L Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

  When you find it is hard to remove dirt particles by “conventional” cleaning ways, the ultrasonic cleaner can then be used for it then. Remember, however, the ultrasonic cleaner is not used to clean dirty from the objects, but rather to remove small particles of dirt that you would not be able to remove with conventional means. The object must first be cleaned before being exposed to the ultrasonic cleaning method .

  The mere fact of introducing ultrasonic sound waves is enough to create the bubbles contained in a liquid. These bubbles are originally of a very strong intensity and frequency. The ultrasonic cleaner uses a tank that contains the cleaning solution, some quantity of transducers that are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, as well as an ultrasonic generator capable of creating a high frequency electrical signal. No matter commercial or industrial ultrasonic cleaner, it consists of ultrasonic bath, transducers and generator, each part has it’s own function.

  For parts cleaning for example, the industrial ultrasonic cleaner will use cavitations, a phenomenon that occurs when dirt bubbles will form and violently come into contact with a cleaning solution. The fact that the bubbles form and burst permanently serves as a cleaning agent which then flushes out all the dirt particles, outside and in every corner of the object. Increasing the frequency means that the bubbles are created faster, so that the energy delivered from each bursting bubble decreases. This is the perfect equation to successfully remove all particles without damaging the object.

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