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Power Adjustable Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner with Independent Generator

  Here is a 100 litres single tank industrial ultrasonic cleaner with indpendent generator, it consists of a customized stainless steel ultrasonic bath and indpendent generator. Ultrasonic cleaning features with cleaning fast, clear and easy operation, it can be both used to clean automotive parts for commercial areas, and clean all kinds of metal parts for industial production.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

  The heater and ultrasonic is seperately controled, this makes the ultrasonic cleaner machine stable and easy to be maintained.

Sweep frequency mode makes stable frequency

  The independent generator is featured with sweep frequency mode, this makes cleaning power strong and stable, ensure a much better cleaning effect.

1-9999 seconds timing or long time working mode

  For ultrasonic cleaning work, the user can preset the working time from 1 to 9999 seconds. When it is presetted as “0000”, the ultrasonic cleaning works for long time until it is turned off by manual.

Ultrasonic power adjustable

  On the digital control board, the user can adjust the ultrasonic power from 5% to 100%, meeting various requirements for ultrasonic power.

Customized ultrasonic cleaning tank

  The stainless steel cleaning tank can be customized in various sizes, meanwhile, the ultrasonic power, frequency, heating power can also be customized. Any objects need to be cleaned, we can just make the suitable one.

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