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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tips

How Does An Ultrasonic Cleaner Work in Practical Cleaning

  An ultrasonic cleaner comes with three basic parts, ultrasonic cleaning bath, tranducers and generator, each part has its function, the generator generates high frequency electrical energy and sends it to the transducers, the transducers transform this energy into vibrations, then transmit it to the cleaning bath which is filled with liquid.

  In the cleaning liquid, the ultrasonic waves successively trigger complex compression and decompression phases; this is called cavitation. Decompression causes the formation of a multitude of microscopic bubbles that then implode violently during the compression phase. This action causes turbulence comparable to tiny brushes acting on the parts to be cleaned, and cause the detachment of impurities even in the inaccessible corners . The effect of cavitation is very important since the duration of the implosion is about 1μs and very localized (some μm2). At the same time, the pulsation of micro-currents generated simultaneously ensures the continuous removal of impurities from the surface of the parts to be cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning allows the removal of particles> 0.15 microns. It was observed that at a frequency of 40 kHz particles of 2 to 100 μm could be removed. The higher the frequency (kHz), the finer the cleaning (smaller cavitation bubbles). Frequency that is too low 25-28kHz (larger and smaller cavitation bubbles generating a high energy level) can even damage some materials.

  The ultrasonic cleaning bath works with water in which a detergent is diluted (between 3 and 5% for our detergents which are very economical) to obtain a perfect cleaning. After having selected the temperature ideally between 45℃ and 55℃, you can deposit the parts to be cleaned in the basket. All that remains is to select the treatment time using the timer and start the ultrasound operation. The ultrasonic cleaner stops automatically once the time has elapsed. The pieces are then rinsed under running water and then dried with the souflette or hair dryer.

  The cleaning process is just so simple by an ultrasonic cleaner machine, and such cleaner can widely used in both commercial and industrial areas.

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