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Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner

Here are the KHTDS series dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner. They are the high-end lab ultrasonic cleaners with a variable frequency of 28KHz and 40KHz. Meanwhile, it is the sweep frequency ultrasonic cleaner with automatic frequency tracking function. So, it is an ideal sonicator bath for both lab instruments cleaning and sonicating.

Dual Frequency Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner Features Description:

  • ● Genuine dual-frequency of 28KHz and 40KHz
  • ● Ultrasonic power is visible and adjustable from 5% to 100%.
  • ● It comes with an automatic sweep frequency function. Making the ultrasonic bath with a much stronger cleaning power all the time.

What Is Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner?

The ultrasonic cleaning frequency varies single frequency, double frequency, and even three frequency. Generally speaking, an ultrasonic cleaning machine comes with a fixed frequency. For example, 25KHz, 28KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz, 68KHz, 80KHz, 100KHz, 120KHz high-frequency ultrasonic cleaner and so on. While a multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaner means that the machine comes with two or three frequencies. For example, 28/40KHz, 40/80KHz, 40/100KHz, and so on. The frequency of the ultrasonic bath is adjustable if needed. So, the user can choose one of the two frequencies.
Meanwhile, the dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaners are also the variable power ultrasonic cleaner. The ultrasonic power is adjustable from 5% to 100%. This is also very useful for laboratory use.

What Is Sweep Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner?

As we know, there are many ultrasonic transducers at the bottom of the ultrasonic bath. And the frequency of each transducer is not exactly the same. Only when the ultrasonic cleaner works at the best frequency, it can generate a strong cleaning power. And the sweep frequency ultrasonic cleaner has the function. It can track the frequency and make it keep consistent with the generator. So, the sweep frequency ultrasonic cleaner can have a very good performance. Besides, because it can match the generator well, this makes it with a much longer lifespan.

More Dual Frequency Choices

We are able to customize the multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaner with different combinations. The most common dual frequency is 28/40 kHz. They are also as 25/45KHZ, 32/68KHZ, 40/80KHZ, 40/100KHZ, 40-120KHZ, 40/135KHZ, 80-120KHZ, 86/100KHZ, and so on.

More Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner Specifications

There are various volumes and internal bath sizes for choices! When you plan to buy a dual-frequency lab ultrasonic cleaner. Check the best ultrasonic bath specification as follows:

Model  Volume  Ultrasonic Power  Heating Power  Internal Tank Size (MM)
K410HTDS 10 L  240W 500W 300x240x150
K615HTDS  15 L  360W 600W 330x300x150
K620HTDS  20 L  360W 600W 330x300x200
K820HTDS  20 L  480W 800W 500x300x150
K1030HTDS 30 L 600W 1000W 500x300x200
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