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Ultrasonic Cleaners

Here are the stainless steel commercial ultrasonic cleaners for sale! How to buy the best ultrasonic cleaner for you? When comes to the anonkia ultrasonic cleaners. You’ll see there are various specifications and parameters. Each ultra sonic cleaner looks similar, this would make you a bit confused. So, how to get the right sonic cleaner that fits your cleaning needs? Please make sure some questions first.

What Do You Clean With A Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner?

This is a very important question. As we know, the ultrasonic cleaners have a very wide application. Such as for glasses, jewelry, watches, and dentures cleaning in stores and homes. For carbs, guns, and parts cleaning in commercial areas. For dental, lab equipment and metal parts cleaning in workshops and so on. When you make sure what needs to clean in advance, then we can make sure two things.

First, check the volumes and internal sizes of the ultrasonic bath

Ultrasonic Bath Size

When you get to know the dimensions of the cleaning items. (Specific sizes of length, width, and height). Then we can decide how big the volume and internal size of the stainless steel ultrasonic bath you will need. So that the ultrasonic cleaning bath can hold the items. No matter you are going to buy a benchtop sonicator bath or a large industrial ultrasonic cleaner. This is the most importable factor to make a decision.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank Size

  • ● The size of the above stainless steel ultrasonic bath is standard and fixed. There are 9 choices of 1.3L 2L 3L 4L 6L 10L 15L 20L 30L.
  • ● The size of the right ultrasonic tank is flexible. And any sizes of length, width, height are available to custom make. The volumes vary from 60 Liters to 1000 Litres or above.

Second, check the ultrasonic power and frequency

Ultrasonic Bath with Transducers

As you can see, the larger stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner has more transducers. Because the quantity of transducers determines ultrasonic power. The larger the volume, the higher the ultrasonic power will be. The sonic cleaner internal size can decide how much quantity the transducers needed. And this decides the ultrasonic power.

Besides, cleaning items decide what frequency needs to be. 28KHz or 40KHz? Or high frequency of 68KHz, 80KHz, 100KHz, and 120KHz? It is up to the cleaning items.

Third, check the extra functions

As for an ultrasonic cleaning machine we use it. Ultrasonic cleaning and degassing is the basic and most important function. The process of ultrasonic cleaning just has the function of degassing. Except for that, heating, adjustable power, and variable frequency are the optional functions.

What Types and Models to Buy?

As we talked above, you can know what volume, ultrasonic power, and frequency of the sonic cleaner you need. Anonkia classifies the ultrasonic cleaning equipment as benchtop series and industrial series. We are sure that you could buy an ideal sonic cleaner as your needs.

Option 1: Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner With Heater Series

Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner Series

The benchtop series are the tabletop commercial ultrasonic cleaner with heater. The volumes of the sonic cleaning bath vary from 1.3L 2L 3L 4L 6L 10L 15L 20L and 30L. And each volume includes the normal digital ultrasonic cleaner and variable power ultrasonic bath. For 10 Liters above, the frequency can be a double frequency of 28KHz and 40KHz. So, the benchtop series commercial ultrasonic cleaner with heater is a good choice for below applications:

  • ● Glasses, jewelry, watch, dentures cleaning in stores and homes.
  • ● Parts cleaner for PCB circuit board, carburetor, guns, and small spare parts cleaning
  • ● Medical instruments cleaning in dental clinics and hospitals.
  • ● Sonicator bath for laboratory instrument cleaning and scientific research. It is one of the lab equipment in the laboratory.

Option 2: Customized Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Series

Large Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Series

The industrial series is a large ultrasonic cleaner with a customized cleaning bath. Which is melted by hand. But for the easy choice, we can have common volumes of 60L 88L 100L 150L 200L 240L 300L 500L 800L and 1000L. But the sizes of the ultrasonic cleaning tank are not fixed. We can custom make any sizes according to the requirements.

What Solution to Use?

An appropriate ultrasonic cleaner solution can help to remove dirt effectively. After all, ultrasonic cleaning is a physical effect. But what is the solution to use? It depends on the cleaning items and stains which need to be removed. Degreasing or wax removing? Solutions are absolutely different, sometimes they are exclusive for specific dirt.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Prices

We have a large number of goods in stock. So, we can make the cost lower, but the quality is guaranteed. We would always supply the best ultrasonic cleaner price for our customers. Choose the benchtop commercial ultrasonic cleaner or industrial ultrasonic cleaning tank? Contact us and get the best ultrasonic cleaner price for you!

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