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Variable Power Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator

Here are the KHTDP series variable power ultrasonic water bath sonicators for sale. It is the high-end ultrasonic bath with adjustable ultrasonic power and sweep-frequency function. The volumes of the ultrasonic sonicator bath include 3L 4L 6L 10L 15L 20L and 30L. All come with digital timer and heater. They are ideal for lab sonication and laboratory instruments cleaning.

Variable Power Ultrasonic Bath Features Description:

  • ● Ultrasonic power is visible and adjustable from 5% to 100%.
  • ● The optimized circuit board makes it durable, can run as long as 24 hours a day.
  • ● It comes with an automatic sweep frequency function. Making the ultrasonic bath with a much stronger cleaning power all the time.

What is Ultrasonic Bath and Sonicator Bath?

Variable Power Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator
The ultrasonic bath is the other name of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Since all the ultrasonic cleaners include a sonic bath for water and the cleaning items. So, people also call this machine an ultrasonic water bath. Besides, the large industrial ultrasonic bath with heater is for industrial parts cleaning. That’s why people call it an ultrasonic cleaning bath. In a word, they are the different names of the same thing. So, what is the ultrasonic bath working principle? It is just the same.

Then, what is a sonicator bath? Before answering this question, let’s know about sonication. This is a concept in the scientific experiment. People use sound energy to agitate particles in a sample, this act is sonication. And in the laboratory, people use an ultrasonic bath to finish the process of sonication. Again, the sonic water bath is known as a laboratory sonicator bath or sonication bath. The extraction of many compounds from the plants and microalgae is an application.

How does A Sonicator Bath Work?

Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator Working Principle
The ultrasonic bath sonicator working principle is the same as any ultrasonic cleaners. Because the structure and components of these machines are the same. The transducers at the bottom of the sonic bath generate vibration energy. And the vibration power transfers into the liquid of the sonic water bath. This can generate a large number of microscopic bubbles.

As the bubbles accumulate and become more and more. They implode and generate scrubbing power on the surface of the particles. So it can remove the stains from the surface of the cleaning items.

Ultrasonic Bath Frequency

The frequency of the ultrasonic bath is one of the key parameters. The most common frequencies are 28KHa and 40KHz, but there are more than that. For different applications, the ultrasonic cleaning bath frequency range can be very different. Because of this, the products vary with single-frequency and dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaner.
Option 1: Single ultrasonic bath frequency
Including 20KHz, 25KHz, 28KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz, 68KHz. And the high frequency of 80KHz, 100KHz, 120KHz, 170KHz, and 200KHz. So, if you need the high-frequency ultrasonic cleaner for laboratory use, laboratory sonicator bath for example. Choose one of them and we can custom make that one for you.
Option 2: Variable frequency ultrasonic bath
There are multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaners of 28/40KHz, 25/45KHz, 32/68KHz, 40/80KHz, 40/100KHz, 40/120KHz, 40/135KHz, 80/120KHz, 86/100KHz. This means that there are 2 kinds of frequency in one machine and it can be adjustable when using.

Ultrasonic Bath Applications

The ultrasonic bath has very wide applications for commercial and industrial parts cleaning. Such as jewelry, glasses, dentures, dental instruments, and lab instruments cleaning.

Apart from the cleaning applications, there is another important application. That is the sonication water bath in the scientific experiments in the laboratory. People use an ultrasonic bath for the extraction of many compounds from the plants. So, the sonicating water bath is also known as a sonicator bath.

How to Use A Variable Power Ultrasonic Water Bath Sonicator

Ultrasonic Sonicator Bath Operation Instructions
Here are the operating instructions for operating this variable power ultrasonic bath. It is the same as the manual instructions.

Working Time Settings
Turn on the ultrasonic bath sonicator first. Then press the button of “T+/T-” in a short time to increase or decrease the working time by 1 minute at a time. If you press on the button for 3 seconds, you will increase or decrease the working time by 10 minutes at a time. The cleaning works will stop when the timer counts down to 00:00.

Otherwise, if you want to make the sonicating water bath work all the time. Then you may press the “T-” button to 00:00 and press the “ULTRASONIC” button. The machine will work all the time until you turn it off.

Water Temperature Setting
This is a heated ultrasonic bath with heater, the water temperature is adjustable. Press the button of “℃+/℃-” at a short time to increase or decrease the temperature by 1℃ degree at a time. Or press the button for 3 seconds to increase or decrease the temperature by 10℃ degrees. In general, the best temperature for ultrasonic cleaning is within 40℃ to 60℃. After setting the target temperature, press “HEATING” to start heating.

Note: Th heater only works when the presupposed temperature is higher than current water temperature

Ultrasonic Power Regulation
The variable power of the sonication bath is visible and adjustable from 5% to 100%. Press the buttons of “P+” and “P-” to adjust it. But, it is 100% output by default.

Sweep Frequency Mode
This sonic bath is a kind of automatic sweep frequency ultrasonic cleaner, which is newly developed technology. This can always help to track the frequency and make the machine with stable cleaning power.

Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator Specifications for Choices

We have the popular specifications for the ultrasonic bath sonicator with the best prices. When you buy an ultrasonic bath or a laboratory sonicator bath, please check the internal tank size.

Check more ultrasonic bath specifications as below, so that it is suitable for the cleaning items.

Model  Volume  Ultrasonic Power  Heating Power  Tank Size (MM)
K230HTDP  3 L  120W  200W  240x140x100
K340HTDP  4 L  180W  300W  300x150x100
K360HTDP  6 L  180W  300W  300x150x150
K410HTDP  10 L  240W  500W  300x240x150
K615HTDP  15 L  360W  600W  330x300x150
K820HTDP  20 L  480W  800W  500x300x150
K1030HTDP  30 L  600W  1000W  500x300x200
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