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What Is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning has been becoming more and more popular in our daily life and industrial production. It is one of the most effective cleaning methods. So, What is an ultrasonic bath? What is the ultrasonic cleaning principle? When you use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean glasses, jewelry, and dentures. Have you ever thought about it? Today, we’d like to have a brief introduction to this issue. And this is also the explanation of the ultrasonic washing machine working principle.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Principle

Ultrasonic Cleaning Principle shows How Does The Ultrasonic Cleaning Works
Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath with Liquid

Actually, the ultrasonic cleaning is the application of ultrasonic wave in cleaning areas. In practical using, the process of ultrasonic cleaning is just the process of the so-called “cavitation effect”. This process exploits these particular waves in a stainless steel ultrasonic bath. For example, in a liquid, ultrasonic waves have compression and depression phases that alternate at very high speed and whose frequency is measured in kHz.

What is Cavitation Effect?

This phenomenon of generating bubbles is referred to as ultrasonic cavitation. That is the formation of gaseous cavities inside a liquid. During the ultrasonic compression phase, the enormous pressure that is exerted on the newly expanded bubble compresses it. This process generates tremendous pressure.

Because of this pressure, the bubble collapses literally in the liquid of the ultrasonic cleaning tank. And it creates an implosion that releases a huge shock energy which in turn hits the surface of the object to be cleaned. This process occurs in a stainless steel sonic bath, it is also the principle of ultrasonic bath working. So we can also say it is the ultrasonic bath sonicator working principle.

Is Ultrasonic Cleaning A Physical or Chemical Effect?

Generally speaking, ultrasonic cleaning is just a physical effect. Which is known to all? But to some extent, we can say it creates both a physical and chemical phenomenon. Because the action of ultrasonic waves is combined with the detergent effect of the chemical present in the liquid. But strictly speaking, it is just a physical phenomenon.

How does Ultrasonic Cleaning Work?

After learning about the ultrasonic cleaning working principle, we can know how it works. All we need to do is placing the cleaning items in the water bath. And then all cleaning works is an automatical process.

Where is Ultrasonic Cleaning Occurs?

Since all these actions occur only when there is water in a container. So, a stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning bath is needed for the ultrasonic cleaning works. The stainless steel bath can be a standard benchtop ultrasonic cleaner bath. And it can be a large industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

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