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Good Feedback of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner from Music Instrument Owner

  “May I ask how is the industrial ultrasonic cleaner working?” I asked a music instrument ower who ordered a large ultrasonic cleaner from us months ago. “Hi Bill sorry been away at trade fair, the industrial ultrasonic cleaner is going great, all set up and great addition to workshop. Cheers!”, the buyer answered me on whatsapp. This is really a very nice voice I heard.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Feedbacks

  3 months ago, this customer inquired for an ultrasonic cleaner from us, he told me he use it to clean the music instrument at the workshop. According to the sizes of music instruments, the standard portable ultrasonic bath of 30 litres below not suitable, so we recommended the customized industrial ultrasonic cleaner with 600x500x500MM cleaning tank.

100L Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

  After a period of time, I just want to check with the customer if he has any problems with using the ultrasonic cleaner. It is really great to know that the customer use it very well. Cheers to him!

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