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Video: How to Use the Variable Power Ultrasonic Cleaner

  Hello! everybody. Today we’d like to show you how to use the variable power ultrasonic cleaner of KHTDP series. The volume of this kind of ultrasonic bath varies 3 litres, 4 litres, 6 litres, 10 litres, 15 litres, 20 litres and 30 litres, and this is the 30 litres ultrasonic bath. I will just show you three steps, then you will be surely able use this cleaner very easily.

  Here is the digital control board, and we can just control the ultrasonic cleaning works on this board, you can see the control buttons, and led display, each operation is visible.

  Firstly, preset the working time. As for this variable power ultrasonic cleaner, you can both preset the working time from 1 minutes to 99 minutes, and you can also make it work for long time, even as long as 24 hours until you turn it off. Look this plus sign key and minus sign key, you can increase the working time by 1 second as you need, and if you press it for 2 seconds, the working time will be increased by 10 seconds, this is the same for the minus sign key.

  Then if you want to make the ultrasonic cleaner work for many hours continiously, just preset the time as “0000” seconds.

  Secondly, preset heating temperature from 0 degree centigrade to 80 degrees centigrade. Here is the plus sign key and minus sign key, let’s preset the heating temperator as 60 degrees centigrade, heater works, start cleaning.

  Thirdly, adjust the ultrasonic power. Here you can see the plus sign key and minus sign key for ultrasonic power, you can adjust the ultrasonic power from 5% to 100%.

  That’s all the operations of the variable power ultrasonic cleaner, thanks for watching. See at variable power ultrasonic bath

30L variable power ultrasonic cleaner

30L Variable Power Ultrasonic Cleaner

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