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Sonic Cleaner Videos

FT Series Multifunctional Ultrasonic Cleaner Video

Demonstration of the FT series multifunctional ultrasonic cleaner.

Here comes the FT series multifunctional ultrasonic cleaner with degas and sweep frequency. It is a newly developed high-end ultrasonic cleaner for multiple purposes. It is all controlled by LCD touchscreen, you may easily set the working time from 1 minute to 99 hours and set the heating temperature from 0 to 100 celsius degrees. Several features make it just better for you.

Features 1: Automatic sweep frequency

This means the ultrasonic cleaning power can always keep strong in working.

Features 2: Adjustable ultrasonic power.

This means that you can choose the most appropriate ultrasonic power for your work.

Features 3: Multiple cleaning modes for choices

Except for the standard cleaning mode, there are other cleaning modes for special cleaning needs. Such as soft cleaning, rough cleaning, pulse cleaning and degas mode, etc.

These FT series ultrasonic cleaners can not only for general parts cleaning but also they are very ideal for laboratory instruments cleaning and scientific research use.

The capacity of the ultrasonic bath varies from 3 liters to 30 liters, and the internal tank size varies a lot to meet different sizes of cleaning items. Before ordering, you need to check if the internal tank size is available for your cleaning items.

All the ultrasonic cleaner machines are qualified with CE, RoHS, and FCC certificates, and the machines are strictly tested before delivery. For safety, it is packed with EPE foam and high strength carton box. All we do is to make it better! Any questions, feel free to contact us!

More Multifunctional Ultrasonic Cleaner Specifications

We supply 6 more volumes and dimensions of the cleaning bath. Before you buy an ultrasonic cleaner, please check if the internal tank size fits your cleaning items first.

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