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Video: Customized Single Tank Industrial Ultrasonic Bath with Elevator

Customized Single Tank Industrial Ultrasonic Bath with Elevator

This is a customized industrial ultrasonic bath with 2MM thick SUS 304 stainless steel tank, the cleaning bath comes with elevator, it is developed both for industrial cleaning and comercial use. The sizes of the inner tank, ultrasonic power, frequency and heating power are just customized according to requirements of users. The volume of the ultrasonic cleaning bath can be as large as 1000L.

For comfortable operation, it adopt digital control board with LCD display for heater and timer. Through the digital control board, the user can preset the heating temperautre from 0 to 80 degree, and preset working timer from 1 minutes to 99 minutes. For special use, the ultrasonic bath has an extra function of degassing.

The heater and ultrasonic cleaning can work boath at the same time or separately, so the ultrasonic cleaning can work with heater or without heater. Or the heater can works previously, then make the ultrasonic cleaning.

Tips for using ultrasonic bath:
1. Ultrasonic bath can only work with water in the tank, cleaning detergent is needed for better cleaning effect.
2. The heater can only work when the preseted temperature is higher than the water temperature.

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