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KL Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

60L Large Industrial Sonicator Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Model:K1018 (60 Litres)

Operating Mode: Digital Control with Timer+Heater

Ultrasonic Power:900W (5-100% Variable Ultrasonic Power)

Heating Power: 2000W

Frequency:40KHz Tank Size:500x350x350MM (Stainless Steel Tank)

Timer: 1-99 Minutes Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50Hz; AC 380-400V, 60Hz

This large industrial ultrasonic bath is good for both commercial and industrial use. It is suitable for long-time running, as long as 24 hours a day. Any sizes and volumes of sonicator bath are available.

Product Details
60 Liters Industrial Sonicator Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
60 Liters Industrial Sonicator Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Are you looking for an industrial sonicator bath for the laboratory? Here is the 60 liters large industrial ultrasonic cleaning bath with variable power output from 5% to 100%. You can choose the most appropriate ultrasonic power you need. It has a larger capacity compared with the benchtop series ultrasonic bath. It is suitable for large laboratory instruments cleaning and lab sonication. So, it becomes an important ultrasonic lab equipment cleaner.

Large Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Frequency

This large sonicator bath is a kind of industrial ultrasonic cleaner. In general, the heated ultrasonic cleaning bath frequency can be 28KHz or 40KHz, or dual frequency of 28/40KHz. For laboratory sonication, 40KHz frequency will be fine.

Besides, because this large ultrasonic bath comes with an automatic sweep frequency working mode. So it can keep a strong cleaning power from the noise affection all the time. That is why this kind of sonicator cleaning bath has a much better cleaning effect.

It is not only an ultrasonic instrument cleaner for the laboratory instrument cleaning. But also it is a perfect industrial sonicator bath for scientific research works. Extraction, for example. It makes the work very easy.

Features Description:

  • 5-100% visible ultrasonic power-adjustable.
  • Automatic sweep frequency mode ensures a lasting strong cleaning power.
  • Suitable for a long time running for more than 24 hours a day.
  • High-grade stainless steel structure both for housing and cleaning tank.
  • Industrial Grade Transducer create strong ultra sonic vibrating mechanical energy.
  • An independent ultrasonic generator makes industrial cleaning stable and effective.
  • The professional mesh cleaning basket makes cleaning effective and easy.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath Applications:

Apart from being an industrial sonicator bath for cleaning various lab instruments in the laboratory. This industrial ultrasonic cleaning bath has a wide application in the commercial cleaning areas.

Medical instruments cleaning for example. It is good for dental instruments cleaning in hospitals. But for a better cleaning effect, the proper ultrasonic bath cleaning solution is also important.

More Specifications & Parameters for Choices

We are able to custom make various volumes and sizes of the ultrasonic cleaning tanks. Since it is man hand made, any volumes and sizes are available.

But for quick choice, we have the most common ultrasonic bath specifications as below. Contact us for the best ultrasonic sonicator bath price!

ModelVolumeSonic PowerHeating PowerTank Size (MM)
K102488L1200W 4000W 550x400x400
K1030100L 1500W 4000W 600x450x400
K1036150L 1800W 6000W 600x500x500
K1042175L 2100W 6000W 700x500x500
K1048200L 2400W 6000W 800x500x500
K1060240L 3000W 9000W 800x600x500
K1072300L 3600W 9000W 1000x600x500
K1120500L 6000W 12000W1200x700x600

60 Liter Industrial Ultrasonic Bath Details Showing

60L Large Sonicator Bath
Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Operating Panel
60L Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
60L Industrial Sonicator Bath
Industrial Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator
Large Ultrasonic Bath Specifications

Download the detailed information of this industrial ultrasonic cleaning bath by PDF file:

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