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DD Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

Buy the KHTD Benchtop series digital ultrasonic cleaner with a heater. Here is the heated ultrasonic cleaner with a digital timer and heater for sale. The volumes of the cleaning bath are standard and fixed from 1.3 Liters to 30 Liters. So it is a good ultrasonic parts washer for commercial cleaning.

What is A Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with Heater?

KHTD Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
A digital ultrasonic cleaner is an ultrasonic bath that comes with LED digital display. It is a kind of tabletop or benchtop ultrasonic cleaner with a heater. The user can control the working time and heating temperature with the digital buttons. And all operating parameters are visible and adjustable. So that the machine can work with precise working time and heating temperature. This is to distinguish it from the mechanical ultrasonic cleaner.

Since the digital heated ultrasonic cleaner has a user-friendly operation interface. It features obvious advantages and gets more and more popular on the market. And it is a good portable ultrasonic washer for jewelry, dental, and record. And many other commercial parts cleaning.

Volumes of The Heated Ultrasonic Bath

KHTD Digital Ultrasonic Bath Size
The stainless steel ultrasonic water bath is a one-time stamp formed by mass production. So, the sizes and volumes are standard and fixed. We have various benchtop series ultrasonic bath specifications for choices. In general, there are volumes of 1.3L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 6L, 10L, 15L, 22L, and 30L for choices.

So, when you buy this kind of digital ultrasonic cleaner, do check the volumes and bath size. And see if it can hold the item that you are going to clean.

How to Operate The DD Series Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner?

KHTD Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Operation interfaceThe operations of the DD tabletop digital ultrasonic cleaner with heater are easy and visible. There are only two steps of digital timer and heater settings. Below are the specific operating steps. It is the same as the user’s manual instructions stated.

Digital Timer Settings
Turn on the power switch, after power works, the working time display shows “00”. Press the button of time plus ▲ one more time, the time will increase by 1 minute. And it will increase continuously with a long time press. Press the button of time minus ▼ one more time, the time will decrease by 1 minute. And it will continuously decline with a long time press.

Digital heater Settings
When the power supply is connected, the screen of the temperature will display “00” and the real data. Press the temperature button of plus ▲ one time, it will increase by 1℃. And it will increase continuously with a long time press. Press the temperature button of minus ▼one time, the temperature will reduce by 1℃. And it will continuously decrease with a long time press on it. But when it is lower than the actual temperature, the operation is invalid. When the water temperature reaches the target temperature. The heating indicator light will be off. During the process of ultrasonic cleaning. The temperature display screens display the set temperature and the real temperature separately.

DD Series Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner Features Descriptions:

  • ● Controlled by digital timer and heater, quite easy to operate.
  • ● The optimized circuit board makes the ultrasonic washer with much stronger cleaning power.
  • ● A high-quality stainless steel cleaning bath is corrosion-resistant. It is ideal for commercial parts and some industrial parts cleaning.

More Specifications & Parameters for choices

We have 10 different volumes of ultrasonic baths with the best prices. When you decide to buy a benchtop digital ultrasonic cleaner with a heater, please check the internal tank size. So that it is suitable for cleaning items.
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