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15L Sweep Frequency Laboratory Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator

Model:DP615 (15 Litres)

Operating Mode: Digital Control with Timer+Heater

Ultrasonic Power:360W (5-100% Variable Ultrasonic Power)


Heating Power: 600W

Tank Size:330x300x150MM (Stainless Steel Tank)

Timer Settings: 1-99 Minutes adjustable

Heater Settings: 0-100℃ adjustable

Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50Hz; AC 380-400V, 60Hz

This is a sweep frequency ultrasonic bath digital with timer and heater. Designed for both commercial and industrial cleaning areas. Contact us for the best ultrasonic water bath sonicator price.

Product Details
15L Sweep Frequency Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator
15L Sweep Frequency Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator

This is the 15L sweep frequency laboratory ultrasonic bath sonicator with timer and heater. It is one of the best laboratory water baths for both sonication and instrument cleaning. Since the ultrasonic power is adjustable from 5% to 100%. So, the user can adjust the ultrasonic power of the laboratory sonicator bath as they need.

Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator Principle

As a kind of laboratory ultrasonic bath, the water bath sonicator principle is just the same as we know. That is the application of ultrasound energy to agitate particles in a sample. Besides, the automatic ultrasonic sweep frequency function can make the cleaning works effectively all the time.

Since the circuit board of such a variable power ultrasonic bath is finely optimized. It can perfectly motivate the transducers and ensure an effective cleaning power.

Sweep Frequency Ultrasonic Bath Features Description:

  • Operating Mode: Digital control with Timer+Heater.
  • Time Setting: 1-99 minutes adjustable.
  • Temperature Setting: 0-80 degrees celsius adjustable.
  • High-grade stainless steel structure both for housing and cleaning bath.
  • Industrial grade transducers create strong ultrasonic vibrating mechanical energy.
  • 5-100% variable ultrasonic power meets various cleaning needs in the application.

15 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner Specifications

Volume15 Liters
Ultrasonic Power360W
Heating Power600W
Internal Bath Size330x300x150MM
Overall Size360x330x320MM
Timer Settings1-99 minutes adjustable
Heater Settings0 -100℃ adjustable
Input VoltageAC 220-240V, 50Hz; AC 110-120V, 60Hz
AccessoriesStainless steel cleaning basket; Lid; Power line
FunctionsUltrasonic cleaning, Adjustable ultrasonic power, Automatic sweep frequency

Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator Applications:

As an automatic sweep frequency ultrasonic cleaner, it can be a wonderful laboratory sonicator bath. It has a wide application in both commercial cleaning and scientific research areas. Apart from that, such an ultrasonic bath sonicator is a wonderful ultrasonic cleaning machine various medical instruments and dentures cleaning.

  • Laboratory instrument cleaner for various lab equipment, such as glassware, tubes, and beakers.
  • Water bath sonication cell lysis. This is an important application in the biological experiment.

Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator Images

15L Laboratory Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator
How to Use a Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator
15L Laboratory Ultrasonic Bath
15L Laboratory Sonicator Bath
Laboratory Ultrasonic Bath with Basket
Sweep Frequency Ultrasonic Bath

More Laboratory Sonicator Bath Specifications & Parameters

We have the most common sonic bath sizes for choices as below! But for large instruments cleaning, then we may custom make the large industrial ultrasonic bath as you need.

Ultrasonic Bath Specifications

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