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What is Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank?

  The ultrasonic cleaning tank is a stainless steel tank with ultrasonic vibrators. The ultrasonic term indicates the sound waves that vibrate at frequencies above the maximum perceptible limit of the human ear, and ultrasonic cleaning is the application of ultrasonic wave in a tank.In practice, the ultrasonic cleaning process exploits these particular waves and above all their production in liquids in the stainless steel tank. For example, in a liquid, ultrasonic waves have compression and depression phases that alternate at very high speed and whose frequency is measured in KHZ, like 28KHz, 40KHz, 68KHz.

  The ultrasonic cleaning tank is maily made of SUS304 or 316 stainless steel, it varies standard tank and customized tank. Standard tank is one time stamp formed without welding, which are just for small ultrasonic cleaner. Customized tank is manhand made, it can be very large as requirement, this is just for large industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

  The transducers generator ultrasonic wave and transmitting in the water tank, this process cause pressure. Exercising this pressure, the bubble collapses literally, creating an implosion that releases a huge shock energy, which in turn hits the surface of the object to be cleaned, creating a physical and chemical phenomenon. From a physical point of view, a phenomenon of “micro-brushing” occurs at very high frequency (for example, industrial cleaning uses frequencies between 20 and 50 KHZ). All these actions are jsut occured in the tank.

  Since all these actions occurs only when there is water in a stainless steel tank, so the ultrasonic cleaning tank is also named as ultrasonic bath. Actually it is just a stainless steel bath with transducers mounted on it.

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