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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tips

How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Variable Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner

  We can see more and more manufacturers who can produce variable frequency ultrasonic cleaner, which is the ultrasonic bath with dual frequency of 28/40KHz or 40/68KHz. But be careful, there are genuine and fake dual frequency, or we may call the fake dual frequency as simulative dual frequency.

genuine dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner

A Genuine Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner of 40/68KHz

  We have talked about what is simulative duel frequency ultrasonic cleaner, and we can know how to distinguish the genuine and fake variable frequency ultrasonic cleaner from the view of technical points. How to buy a real dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner? Here are some tips from the view of non-technical level:

  Make sure about that with the seller seriously. The seller may not tell you if it is a simulative dual frequecy one, but if you seriouly check if it is genuine or fake dual frequency, the seller will have to tell the truth.

  Then the Ultrasonic Cleaner Price is the most visual factor, because the cost of genuine dual frequency transducers is timer higher than that of single frequency transducers, the genuine variable frequency ultraosnic cleaner use variable frequency transducers which itself comes with dual frequency, and simulative variable frequency one use just the single frequency transducers. It is impossible to produce a genuine dual frequency at the cost similar to the general one.

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