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How to Choose A Good Quality Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

In the fierce competition of the ultrasonic cleaning machine market, the ultrasonic cleaner is sold in a variety of ways, and their quality is different. For the consumers, the quality of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is very concerned. Especially in the industrial parts cleaning areas, the industrial ultrasonic cleaner is always in a tough environment, the quanlity is much more important.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

When facing so many kinds of industrial ultrasonic cleaner, how to choose a good quality machine? The following small series will share the ultrasonic cleaning machine Quality judgment coup.

Appearance identification

The appearance of the industrial ultrasonic cleaner needs to be carefully observed. If there are cracks, cracks, small holes, etc., it is not safe to use, then its quality is of course not acceptable, so the judgment of the appearance of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is still very important, if even the appearance gets problems, the quality of the industrial ultrasonic cleaner is poor. If you encounter the appearance problem, stop using it immediately and contact the ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer in time. Therefore, the appearance affects the quality of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Please be careful when purchasing.

Material identification

The materials used in the industrial ultrasonic cleaner need to be carefully identified. It is very important to select high-quality qualified materials. For example, the quality of the ultrasonic bath made of high-quality 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel is good, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature, long service life. The quality is not so good when using other materials. For example, it is made of 201 or 202 stainless steel plate material. After a period of time, it will cause rust. Therefore, the material is affected by the quality of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. In terms of the material, the high quality and reasonable material is used to make the ultrasonic wave. The quality of the washing machine is better.

Component identification

The internal structure of the industrial ultrasonic cleaner needs to be carefully checked. Whether there are problems such as missing components and loose components. The quality of the components in question is poor. The imported components are better than the quality of domestic components. For example, integrated modules, domestic technology is not On the imported ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic generator, the quality will be better, so the components affect the quality of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Performance parameter identification

Cleaning the object with an ultrasonic cleaner finds that the cleaning object is inferior. Even if it is cleaned for a long time, such an industrial ultrasonic cleaner is inferior. Some parameters of the ultrasonic cleaner also affect the quality. If the frequency and frequency cannot be adjusted, The quality of such cleaning equipment is not very good. Excessive power makes the cleaning vibration plate corrode, which reduces the life of the equipment. The ultrasonic cleaning machine with too high power is used soon, and the low power may not reach the cleaning effect. Too low frequency noise is easy to damage the object, so the ultrasonic cleaning machine parameters affect the quality, the appropriate power frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine quality will be good.

The above is a coup for the quality identification of several industrial ultrasonic cleaner shared by Xiaobian. With these identification methods, I believe that it is not so difficult to buy high-quality industrial ultrasonic cleaners.

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