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Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications

Ultrasonic Cleaner Removes the Cutting Oil from Stainless Steel Parts

  An Ultrasonic cleaner is using the principle of cavitation effect to remove residues from articles being cleaned.  Can it be used to remove the cutting oil from stainless steel parts? The answer is “yes”. For mass cleaning in factories, an industrial ultrasonic cleaner is need.

  For stainless steel parts, cutting oil is needed in the tooling process.As we know, the cutting oil is a very strong emulsifier of oily and organic residue and it is very hard to be cleaned effectively by hand washing.Especially for those parts with complicated structure, professional cleaning machine seems to be must.

  One of effective cleaning machine is just the industrial ultrasonic cleaner. During the cleaning process, mass microscopic bubbles are formed and implode violently, which causing an intense scrubbing acction on the surface of the item being cleaned.Since the bubbles are very small,they are small enough to penetrate microscopic crevices.Even for the most complicated stainless steel parts, ultrasonic cleaner gives a high effective cleaning.

  For much more effective cleaning, detergent is also needed. Adopting suitable detergent will be able to make cleaning time shorter, in addition with heating, it makes the ultrasonic cleaning very effective for stainless steel parts.


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