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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tips

How to Choose A Suitable Ultrasonic Cleaner

Nowadays, we can see there are so many kinds of ultrasonic cleaner both for commercial portable ones and industrial ones, we may be confused that how to choose an ultrasonic cleaner which is suitable for our needs. So we will just make a brief introduction, hope it will be a useful for the buyers.

On the market, we can see mainly 2 series of ultrasonic cleaners, one is the standard small ultrasonic bath from 0.8L to 30L; the other is the customized industrial ultrasonic cleaner from 36L to 1000L. But the appearance and specific functions are just various from different manufacturers.

Variable Power Ultrasonic Bath

Variable Power Ultrasonic Bath

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Customized Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

1. Choose suitable volumes and sizes of iltrasonic cleaning bath

Check what the size of objects and what the quantity should you use it to clean, then you will see what the size of ultrasonic bath should you choose.

2. Check the using frequency and working time

If you use the ultrasonic cleaner occationally, just choose a small portable ultrasonic cleaner from 1.3L to 30L; If you need to use the cleaner for long time or mass cleaning work, then you will have to choose the industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

3. Choose wanted functions

There are many functions such as timer, heater, dual frequency, variable power, any model may have one or two of the functions. Timer and heating are the common functions, some cleaners are upgraded with varialbe power function and dual frequency functions. What functions do we need, it’s just up to our practical needs then.

Check more ultrasonic cleaner specifications and paramenters.

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