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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tips

How to Operate KHTP Series Variable Power Ultrasonic Bath

The KHTDP series variable power ultrasonic bath enables you adjust the ultrasonic power from 5% to 10%, meeting with different cleaning needs. The operations are as follows:

Variable Power Ultrasonic Bath

KHTDP Series Variable Power Ultrasonic Bath

1. Fill the stainless steel tank with water and some kind of cleaning solution; Plug the power lead into grounded outlet; After power-on, the temperature displays the actual environmental temperature, LED displays 3 minutes (default ultrasonic time).

2. Time setting: Press the “T+” “T- ”shortly at a time to increase or decrease 1 minutes at a time, press and hold on to increase or decrease by 10 mins continuously. The ultrasonic cleaning stops when the timer counts down to 00:00. If the ultrasonic bath needs to be stopped before the timer runs up, just press “Ultrasonic” button.

If press “T-” to 00:00 and then press “ULTRASONIC”, the cleaner will work continuously until it is turned off.

2. Temperature setting: Press “℃+” “℃-” shortly at a time means the presetted temperature will increase or decrease by 1℃ at a time, press and hold for a while means the presetted temperature will increase or decrease by 10℃ . Usually, the best temperature for ultrasonic cleaning is within 40℃ to 60℃. After presetting target temperature, press “HEATING” to starts heating.
Note: Heater only works when presupposed temperature is higher than current temperature

4. After working time and temperature is presetted, just press “HEATING” or “ULTRASONIC” button to start both function. Press “HEATING” button again, the heating function will stop. And the same with ultrasonic Function.

5. Variable power adjustable: the power value is adjustable from 5% to 100% by “P+” and “P-”.

6. Empty the tank and clean both the outside and inside of the ultrasonic bath with a clean and dry cloth for next use.

Variable Power Ultrasonic Cleaner Control Panel

NOTE: Do not pour water out until it’s cooling, Hot water will hurt you and damage the machine itself.

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