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Ultrasonic Washing Machine

340T 4L Ultra Sonic Cleaning Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner


Operating Mode: Mechanical Timer

Ultrasonic Power:180W


Volume: 4L

Tank Size:300x150x100MM

Timer: 1-20 Minutes

Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50Hz; AC 100-120V, 60Hz

This sonic cleaning ultrasonic parts cleaner comes with stainless steel cleaning basket, lid, power line

Product Details
4L Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

4L Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

4 liter ultra sonic cleaning ultralsonic cleaner with timer can also be a perfect ultrasonic parts cleaner for electronic parts such us PCB circuit board cleaning. Designed with mechanical rotary switch, which can easily set working time according to different cleaning objects. Built-in with 3 sets powerful ultrasonic transducers, which make the the ultrasonic cleaner with powerful cleaning effect. Both body and water tank are made of high quality stainless steel,one time formed stamping tank is corrosion resisting and waterproof without welding gap.

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner Features Description:
○ Operating Mode: Mechanical control
○ Transducer Quantity: 3 sets
○ Time Setting: 1-20 minutes adjustable
○ Durable stainless steel construction with SUS202 stainless steel for body and SUS304 for water tank with elegant appearance.

More Related Applications:
1. Ultrasonic watch cleaner for water-proof watches,watchstrap cleaning at homes and stores
2. Ultrasonic glass cleaner or ultrasonic contact lens cleaner for cleaning all kinds of eyegalss, sunglass.
3. Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for gold and silver jewelry, stainless steel jewellery cleaning.
4. Dental ultrasonic cleaner for dentures cleaning and medical instrument cleaning
5. Ultrasonic bath cleaner for scientific lab equipment cleaning
6. Industrial parts ultrasonic washing machine for spare parts:electric shaver heads, razor blades, CD and DVDs, coins
7. Industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner machine for cleaning electronic parts: ultrasonic PCB cleaner for cleaning circuit board, PC motherboard

Refers to full specifications of T Manual Ultrasonic Washing Machine Series

Manual Ultrasonic Washing Machine Specification ultrasonic parts cleaner pictures ultrasonic parts cleaner machine small ultrasonic PCB cleaner ultrasonic cleaning basket ultrasonic parts cleaner

4L stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner for parts

ultrasonic parts cleaner

ultrasonic cleaner packaging carton box Small Ultrasonic Cleaner Series


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