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DD Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

10L Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner Motherboard Cleaning Machine


Operating Mode: Digital Timer+Heater

Ultrasonic Power:240W


Volume: 10L

Tank Size:300x240x150MM

Timer: 1-99 Minutes

Heating Power: 300W

Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50Hz; AC 100-120V, 60Hz

This is a benchtop ultrasonic cleaner for electronics PCB board cleaning, it comes with a stainless steel cleaning basket, lid, power line

Product Details
10L Benchtop Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner
10L Benchtop Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner

Here is the 10L benchtop ultrasonic PCB cleaner for circuit board and motherboard. It is the best ultrasonic PCB cleaning machine for electronic PCB board cleaning. As well as the electronics spare parts cleaning. So, where there is the PCB cleaning need, there is the best benchtop ultrasonic cleaner for PCB circuit board.

Why Need Ultrasonic Cleaning for PCBs?

As we know, the clearance is very important to the performance of a PCB board. But because there are many procedures for producing a PCB board. So when it is produced, there are remainings of rosin resin, waxes, and flux stains. What is the best cleaning ways? That is the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

This is the best ultrasonic cleaner PCB flux remover for PCB board and electronics parts. It comes with a high-quality stainless steel sonic bath and the digital timer and heater. So, cleaning PCB with the ultrasonic cleaner is easy and effective.

Ultrasonic PCB Cleaning Process

The process of ultrasonic PCB cleaning is easy. But before starting the PCB ultrasonic cleaner, fill in with the liquid. Using the proper ultrasonic PCB cleaner solution and liquid is very important. After that, put the PCB board in the ultrasonic bath which is filled with the PCB cleaning solution. And then turn on the cleaning machine.

Set the working time, then the ultrasonic PCB cleaning machine can finish the work well. If needed, some extent of temperature can help with cleaning work. But some people may use alcohol for the ultrasonic cleaner PCB flux remover. In that case, do not heat the alcohol, or the high temperature may result in fire.

PCB Ultrasonic Cleaner Features Description:

  • Operating Mode: Digital control with Timer+Heater.
  • Timer Settings: 1-99 minutes adjustable.
  • Temperature Settings: 0-80℃ adjustable.
  • High-grade stainless steel structure both for housing and cleaning bath.

What Can An Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner Do?

Ultrasonic cleaning is the best way to clean a PCB circuit board and motherboard. The ultrasonic cleaner is a good PCB flux remover for electronics industries. People can use it to clean various electronic circuit board and laptop motherboard. So, it can be an ideal ultrasonic motherboard cleaner.

Besides, it is a good commercial ultrasonic parts cleaner for electronic spare parts. People can use it both in electronics products manufacturing lines and repair centers. Such as circuit board, watch parts and mobile phone PCB cleaning.

More Ultrasonic Bath Specifications for Choices

For different sizes of PCB boards, there are corresponding sizes of ultrasonic baths for choices. So you may choose the proper size for you!

Model VolumeUltrasonic PowerInternal Tank Size
K113HTD1.3 L60W150x140x65MM
K120HTD2 L60W150x140x100MM
K230HTD3 L120W240x140x100MM
K340HTD4 L180W300x150x100MM
K360HTD6 L180W300x150x150MM
K410HTD10 L240W300x240x150MM
K615HTD15 L360W330x300x150MM
K820HTD20 L480W500x300x150MM
K1030HTD30 L600W500x300x200MM

Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner Detailes Showing

10L Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner PCB Flux Remover
10L Best Ultrasonic PCB Cleaner for motherboard
10L Ultrasonic PCB Cleaning Machine
Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for PCB Board

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