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Variable Power Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator

30L Power Adjustable Digital Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner with Heater

Model:K1030HTDP (30 Litres)

Operating Mode: Digital Control with Timer+Heater

Ultrasonic Power:600W (0-100% Variable Ultrasonic Power)

Frequency:40KHz Tank Size:500x300x200MM (Stainless Steel Tank)

Heating Power: 1000W

Timer Settings: 1-99 Minutes adjustable

Heater Settings: 0-100℃ adjustable

Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50Hz; AC 380-400V, 60Hz

Price: USD468.00/PC

This is a power-adjustable ultrasonic bath with digital timer and heater for parts cleaning, specially designed for commercial and industrial cleaning areas, suitable for long-time running, any tank sizes and volumes can be customized.

Product Details
30L Power Adjustable Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner with Heater
30L Power Adjustable Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner with Heater

Are you looking for the best ultrasonic bath cleaner for commercial parts cleaning? Here is the 30l power-adjustable digital ultrasonic bath with heater for laboratory instruments. Because the ultrasonic power of such a sonic bath is adjustable from 5% to 100%. So, the user can choose the most appropriate power for their needs.

The digital ultrasonic bath with heater can not only for laboratory instruments cleaning. But also be as an ultrasonic water bath sonicator for cell lysis and extraction use. So, it becomes an important ultrasonic lab equipment cleaner.

How Does The Digital Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner Work?

The ultrasonic bath principle is the application of the ultrasound in cleaning areas. And the working ways the same as a normal digital ultrasonic cleaner. So, using an ultrasonic bath for cleaning is very easy and effective.

But remember that the proper ultrasonic bath cleaner solution is very necessary. Add it to the cleaning liquid, then put the particles in the water bath, and then turn on the machine, this is how it works.

Power Adjustable Ultrasonic Cleaner Features Description:

  • Operating Mode: Digital control with Timer+Heater.
  • Time Settings: 1-99 minutes adjustable.
  • Heater Settings: 0-80 degrees celsius adjustable.
  • High-grade stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning bath with no welding gaps.
  • Industrial grade transducers create strong ultrasonic vibrating mechanical energy.
  • 5-100% ultrasonic power-adjustable. Meeting with various cleaning needs both for commercial and industrial parts cleaning

More Related Applications:

The ultrasonic bath with heating function has wide applications. Except for laboratory and medical instruments cleaning, there are many commercial uses:

  • Ultrasonic bath to clean jewelry, eyeglasses, watches both in homes and shops.
  • Ultrasonic auto parts cleaner for fuel injectors, filters, carburetors, and engine parts. For some areas, it is a wonderful ultrasonic bath injector cleaner.
  • Industrial ultrasonic cleaning bath for machine parts degreasing and cleaning in workshops.

More Ultrasonic Bath Specifications & Parameters

There are various volumes and sizes of the ultrasonic cleaner bath for choices. Check more ultrasonic bath specifications! And check the internal tank size if it fits the cleaning items.

Model VolumeSonic PowerInternal Tank Size
K230HTDP3 L120W240x140x100MM
K340HTDP4 L180W300x150x100MM
K360HTDP6 L180W300x150x150MM
K410HTDP10 L240W300x240x150MM
K615HTDP15 L360W330x300x150MM
K620HTDP20 L360W330x300x200MM
K820HTDP20 L480W500x300x150MM
K1030HTDP30 L600W500x300x200MM

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