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Industrial Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner

Large Industrial Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner

Here is the best industrial ultrasonic cleaner for commercial and industrial parts washing. It comes with a large ultrasonic cleaning tank from 60L to 1000L. The ultrasonic degreasing tank is sturdy and durable for massive degreasing and cleaning works. So, this is different from that of a benchtop ultrasonic cleaner. That’s why we can say it is the best ultrasonic parts cleaner for industrial use. But for further understanding how it works, we’d like to show you more about this. So that you can buy the best industrial sonic cleaners that fit your cleaning needs.

How to Custom Make An Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Large Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Structure Chart

As for the components of an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic bath, transducers, and heater are the three basic sectors. And among them, the bottom of the bath comes with the transducers and heaters. So, this makes the structure of the machine look very clear and simple. An industrial heated ultrasonic cleaner consists of an ultrasonic water bath and generator. So, there are three main sectors for making an industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

● First, custom make an ultrasonic cleaning tank

Handmade Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

This is an ultrasonic water bath for holding the cleaning items. Also, it is a place where the ultrasound cleaning works. We have to make sure the right sizes of the item in advance. So that the tank capacity is large enough to hold the cleaning objects. Cut the steel plate in the right sizes and melt an ultrasonic water tank by hand. As for the material of an industrial ultrasonic cleaning tank. It is a thick SUS304 stainless steel in usual. But for some special tough cleaning environments that the machine works. We may need to use 316L stainless steel. Because the 316L stainless steel has a better performance of corrosion resistance. But in most cleaning occasions, using 304 stainless steel is enough.

● Second, install the transducers and heaters

Large Industrial Ultrasonic Tank with TransducersAfter the works of custom making the stainless steel ultrasonic cleaner tank. The next work is installing transducers and heater at the bottom and the sides of it. Some are on the bottom and some are on the sides. And then connect the circuit carefully.
The transducers can generate a strong vibrating power in use. The most common frequency of the transducer is 28KHz and 40KHz. Apart from that, there are frequencies of 20KHz, 68KHz, 80KHz, 100KHz, and 120KHz. The lower the frequency, the stronger the vibration power. Next is the heater, it can warm the liquids in the ultrasonic water tank.

● Third, assemble the ultrasonic generator
The transducers are the parts which convert the electric energy into vibrational energy. But how to make it occur? That is the ultrasonic generator. It is for motivating the transducers to generate vibrating power. How to motivate that power at most? This is a very important sector. That’s why we make an independent generator. But most buyers may ignore this point.

Above all, you can see how to make an industrial ultrasonic cleaner. If you plan to custom make a parts cleaning and degreasing tank, please let us know what to clean and what the sizes of the item!

How does An Industrial Ultrasonic Bath Work?

Industrial Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning PrincipleAs we know, the ultrasonic cleaning principle is the cavitation effect. There are many transducers at the bottom of the industrial ultrasonic cleaning bath. Which generates tremendous vibrating power with the help of a generator. And the vibrating power will transfer into the liquid in the water tank. Then it forms a large number of microscopic bubbles and it implodes violently. This process creates an intense scrubbing action on the surface of the items. And because the bubbles are small enough to penetrate microscopic crevices. So that it can clean the items with complicated structure. This is how does it work.
In practical use, people only need to put the items into the ultrasonic water bath. Turn on the machine, then the ultrasonic cleaning works automatically. It is very easy to operate the machine. Compared with many other cleaning methods. Ultrasonic cleaning is much more effective.

Applications of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

The large ultrasonic cleaner tank is a wonderful industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner. It has very wide applications both in commercial and industrial cleaning and degreasing. Especially for massive cleaning work the production lines in factories. In general, there are specific applications as follows:
Commercial Cleaning Areas
For musical instruments and lab equipment such as laboratory instruments and glassware cleaning. And medical instruments cleaning in hospitals.
Electronic and Optical Industry
For the PCB circuit board, PC motherboard, optical parts cleaning, etc.
Automotive Maintenance
Auto parts cleaning tank for engine parts, fuel injectors, filter, diesel injectors, and PDF.
Hardware Industrial Cleaning and Parts Degreasing
Parts cleaning and degreasing tank for precision bearing parts, sealing parts, machine tool accessories cleaning, etc.

Why Choose A Sweep Frequency Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Since the independent generator is very important for an industrial ultrasonic tank. Because it is independent, we can optimize the performance at most. And we can make it with more functions which can help to improve the cleaning effect. Especially the automatic sweep frequency function.
The ultrasonic frequency is fluctuating in running with the changes in cleaning items. And this has a bad impact both on the cleaning effect and the machine itself. But a sweep frequency ultrasonic cleaner can solve this problem. Because it can always make the frequency matchable with the changes in the parts.
Our K series large ultrasonic bath with an independent generator has an automatic sweep frequency function. It features with long lifespan and strong cleaning power. More features as below:

  • ● 5-100% variable power for various cleaning needs. The ultrasonic power is adjustable in use.
  • ● 24 hours of continuous working is available, and the working time can also be preset from 1 to 9999 seconds.
  • ● Automatic sweep frequency and fine turning frequency mode. Making the frequency matchable and ensure a strong cleaning power all the time.
  • ● Custom make any sizes of the large ultrasonic tank. Suitable for any sizes of cleaning objects.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Tank Specifications for Choice

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Specifications

Here are the popular K series industrial ultrasonic cleaner specifications for choices. Please check the appropriate tank size and models that suitable for you, let us know!

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