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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

Here are the industrial ultrasonic cleaning tank with independent generator, they are featured with manhand made thick stainless steel large ultrasonic cleaner tanks, the sonicator ultrasonic bath, ultrasonic power and ultrasonic frequency can be customized for different cleaning objects. The customized large ultrasonic tank comes with high quality industrial grade transducers and independent ultrasonic generator, this can fully motivates the power of transducers to generate strong vibrating power and makes cleaning effective. This is an ideal large industrial ultrasonic cleaner for both industrial parts and commercial cleaning.

Customized Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank Features:

● 5-100% variable power adjustable for various cleaning needs, the ultrasonic power can be adjusted freely.
● 24 hours extra long time working continously, and the working time can also be presetted from 1 to 9999 seconds.
● Automatic sweep frequency and fine turning frequency mode makes the frequency matchable and ensure a strong cleaning power all the time.
● Any large ultrasonic tank sizes can be customized according to cleaning objects, suitable for any sizes of cleaning items.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaing Tank Applications:

● Hardware Industrial Cleaning: To clean metal parts, precision bearing parts, sealing parts, machine tool accessories, etc.
● Automotive Maintenance: To clean engine parts, injector, fuel pumps, diesel particulate filter, etc.
● Electronic and Optical Industry: To clean PCB board, PC motherboard, optical parts, etc.
● Commercial Cleaning: To clean musical instruments, laboratory instuments, glassware, etc.

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