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An Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner with Huge Cleaning Tank We Made

  We has just finished customizing a large industrial ultrasonic cleaner with huge single cleaning tank of 3000x1000x1500MM, it really makes me a bit excited. Have you seen such a large ultrasonic cleaner machine? Maybe seldom people saw such a huge one. Since there are few factories who make such big cleaner and there are very few customers who need such a huge ultrasonic cleaning tank.

Large Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

  This large industrial ultrasonic cleaner is purely made of SUS304 stainless steel which is much thicker than normal one, and it is all welded by manhand. To support such a large cleaning tank, the ultrasonic power reaches as high as 45KW, it comes with 9000PCS transducers mounted on both sides and bottom of the tank and more than 20PCS independent generators.

  If you still can not imagine how it looks like, the pictures below will show you how it is then.

Large Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Large Industrial Ultrasonic Bath

  This is the large ultrasonic cleaning tank before the transducers were mounted, it is as tall as a man. Stainless steel covers are needed as shell around the industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

How to customize an industrial ultrasonic cleaner?

  Industrial ultrasonic cleaner can be used for both commercial and industrial areas, it is can be customized according to cleaning needs. Just confirm the sizes and quantity of objects to be cleaned, the tank size, ultrasonic power, heating power, frequency and some other functions can be made. If you can not make sure what parameters you need, our technicians will recommend the best for you.

  But in generally, we have most common ultrasonic cleaner specifications for you choice.

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